Our Team

General Manager:

Jonathan “Willie” Wiliford

Beginning his life as a back of the house jack of all trades Jonathan worked his way up the ranks and soon found himself in the front of the house and then managing alongside Jon Dressler’s at Mortons.

Working at all the Rare Roots concepts Jonathan proved himself adept at managing people, guests, and numbers (his second true love).  His first love, though is his lovely daughter Claire who can tell a great joke, be silly, and play a mean guitar.

Spending time at all the concepts has afforded Jonathan with a unique appreciation of the diverse staffs and all the details that make success possible.  Currently, Jonathan has taken position as manager of Fin & Fino.

Assistant Manager:

Hilary Demmit

Executive Chef:

Chef Jonny Cox

Charlotte native Jonathan Cox loves adventuring and it shows.  From a stint in a Michelin 2 star restaurant in Vico, Italy to backpacking through Europe to the dishes he constructs at Dogwood Jonny knows how to grab attention
on the plate and keep it.

His commitment to creating a positive kitchen culture featuring fantastic dishes that are both simple and honest is his
focus- as well as putting aside pride and continuing to learn.

From his beginnings with Rare Roots at Dressler’s Metro, to time spent in Italy, to his position as Executive Chef at Dogwood and now at Fin & Fino, Chef Jonny is always looking for the next adventure.

Sous Chef:

Tom Hite 

Tommy was born and bred in upstate New York.  Attended SUNY Delhi Culinary Academy for 4 years acheiving degree in Culinary Arts management. Looking for adventure, opportunity, and to strike out on his own Tommy followed a friend to Charlotte and landed with the Fin Fam shortly thereafter.  Since joining the team in 2018 Tommy has been filled many roles.  

He did a stint as baker, oyster shucker extraordinaire, and jack of all trades.  Fin was lucky enough to convince him to become sous chef just as the pandemic struck in 2020.  

Tom is now one of most seasoned veterans and an indispensable part of the kitchen team with Chef Jonny.  Also, side note, a very talented watch maker.

Bar Manager

Brittany “BK” Kellum

Brittany Kellum, better known as ‘BK’, was born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina and later attended UNC Charlotte. While in college, she worked at one of Rare Roots Hospitality’s original concepts, Dressler’s at the Metropolitan before joining the team at Dogwood Southern Table & Bar when it opened in 2014. ‘BK’ found a passion for mixing drinks and the hospitality behind it, leading her to her current role as the bar manager at Fin & Fino.

Her team ‘BK & The Clams’ are helping to shape a growing cocktail scene in Uptown Charlotte.In her own words, BK says “I love sharing a different experience with our guests, from the first sip, to the last bite, and constantly strive to bring new and exciting libations to the table.”